Is Clutter Bad For Your Mental Health?

It's almost time for spring cleaning!

New research has found that 40% of homeowners are afraid of facing the clutter in their homes…(And no, clutter is not a member of your family)

A survey of 2,000 homeowners with garages looked at how they deal with clutter and found that nearly a third of respondents have difficulty keeping their homes organized…

Although 82% consider themselves to be an organized person, they’re feeling the mental load of keeping their home in check.

Nearly half of respondents said that the organization of their home has an impact on their mental health (48%) and 80% feel more motivated when their home isn’t cluttered.

Similarly, 73% expressed feelings of being overwhelmed when their home is untidy.

On average, homeowners have 25 things that are currently out of place in their homes, and of these respondents, half are putting off finding a spot for those items.

Where does the clutter live? According to respondents, the most difficult storage areas of the home to keep organized are the garage (46%), closet (24%) and drawer(s) (20%).


  1. Home and holiday decor — 41%
  2. Old documents — 34%
  3. Clothes/shoes — 29%
  4. Small tools (e.g., screwdriver, wrench, etc.) — 25%
  5. Mementos/souvenirs — 25%
  6. Books/manuals — 22%
  7. Wires/cables — 21%
  8. Trinkets — 20%
  9. Cleaning supplies — 15%
  10. Photos — 13%