It's therapeutic!

It’s Halloween, so there’s a lot of spooky stuff happening, and if someone surprised or scared you enough that you screamed today, it might be a healthy boost.

In a new survey, more than half of people say they believe screaming positively affects their health, and more than half of Millennials say the louder they scream the better they feel afterward.  

Older adults don’t necessarily agree with that, with most saying they don’t like screaming.

Despite the relief, only 10% of people say they scream at least once a week.  Women are more likely to say they scream out of fear, while men are more likely to scream out of pain.

There is some science behind screaming being healthy, with psychiatrists saying that screaming can release positive chemicals in your brain, and can have cathartic effects that reduce stress.  But other experts say there’s little evidence that screaming provides long-term mental health benefits.