It Takes Less Than 30 Seconds To Form An Opinion About Someone

First impressions do count!

The average first impression is made in just 27 seconds of meeting, with a third of people judging you within 10 seconds.

A friendly smile, good manners and eye contact were revealed as the best ways to make your mark.

Other methods included arriving on time, being conversational and dressing smartly.

The top three most important scenarios to make a good impression include a new job, a date and meeting the parents.

The study also found people typically feel nervous and anxious when meeting others for the first time, but 23 percent are also calm.

More than 83 percent agreed confidence is central to making a good first impression and 63 percent believe such opinions last a lifetime.

Those surveyed through OnePoll think they make a good first impression 45 percent of the time.

More than half (54 percent) believe their initial opinions of others typically turn out to be true.