Italy Takes Action In UE Court To Defend Balsamic Vinegar!

It has to stay pure and true to its roots!

There’s an international battle brewing over the balsamic vinegar, an issue that’s very important to the Italian government. 

The Italian government has launched infringement proceedings against Slovenia over the sweet, syrupy vinegar. 

It started last year when Slovenia gave the European Commission a draft law that would standardize vinegar production, allowing any wine vinegar mixed with fruit or grape juice to be labelled as “balsamic vinegar.” 

Italy has previously secured protections for the term balsamic vinegar of Modena, which can only be marketed by producers in specific Italian regions.

It’s a continuation of a months-long effort by Italy to defend the authenticity of the product and the $1 billion market it underpins. 

Italy’s current gripe isn’t just about a name; the Slovenian move would allow producers to bypass EU rules about specifying ingredients on labels.