It’s a cheeky question! is your bum always cold?

There's a name for it if your extremities are always cold.

It’s a cheeky question that has husbands across the world have- why do so many women have cold bums in bed!


It’s a common thing, a couple curling up in bed at night, snuggling up against each other. Men usually do it, hoping to get some action, while women have another reason. Our body parts are always freezing.  Women’s overall external body temp is slightly lower than men’s…


Sometimes its your feet that’s cold, sometimes its your bum. Lots of women have body temps that are all over the place. When I go to bed, my hands are freezing, so I tuck my hands under my armpits or between my thighs until I feel them warm up….But I can’t seem to warm up my bum unless I spoon- which I don’t really like to do…


There is a condition and its called Raynaud’s syndrome, which is triggered by cold temperatures and causes blood vessels in her extremities to go into a temporary spasm, blocking the flow of blood.   It frequently leaves fingers and toes deathly white or purple. This condition can also leave you bum feeling like an ice block.

I haven’t found a cure other than finding a warm fire or hot shower!