It’s Cuffing Season! Five Hints Someone Is Into YouIt’s Cuffing Season!

It's almost the holidays! Cuff-Up!

Cuffing season is back!  And every year many singletons run the risk of spending the long, cold winter without someone to snuggle.

But according to one dating expert, there are signs that someone is into you… You just need to know how to read them…

Jacob Lucas, who coaches the lovelorn and shares courting advice and secrets on TikTok, has posted a time-saving video revealing the ways to see if a potential partner is really interested in you — and not just passing the time until someone better comes along.

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Here are the signs someone is into you:

A potential partner will come to you for advice…(It’s a good excuse to talk to you)

Another sign that someone likes you, is when they are always “playfully teasing you.” They start joking around with you a lot and having more banter with you than other people.

If they are creeping your DM, then it’s a dead giveaway…Always commenting on your Instagram Stories or sending you memes saying “that it reminds them of you” is a signal…

Another indication that someone is trying to make you their bae for Christmas is when that individual tries to copy the way you speak and even mirror your slang terms.

And finally, the last way to know that someone is (probably) hopelessly in love with you, is that they will attempt to sleuth around and find out if there is anyone else you’re dating.