Forget the “Cuffing” Season! Snow Storming Is The New Dating Trend This Holiday Season!

How Cold!

Is your partner a little flaky? Are they giving you the cold shoulder? Then snow storming could appeal to you.

Winter is referred to as the cuffing season in the dating world. This is where you find yourself a person for the holiday season and last year through the cold winter months…

If being ‘cuffed’ to your partner isn’t working out then you may be tempted to try snow storming, the new dating trend.

Snow storming involves actively letting go of a current relationship by ending things with a clean break.

Snow storming involves cutting out your current relationship too.

While this can appear harsh- just like January and February’s weather, it could be the best way to achieve a clean break.

But if Snow Storming or Cuffing Season doesn’t appeal to you. There are so many other dating trends that you can try!