It’s ‘Drafting Season’ In The Dating World- Here’s What That Means!

This sounds like the best season!

It’s almost cuffing season, this is the time of year in which people couple up so they have someone to take to Christmas parties and cuddle in the cold.

Drafting season, however, is the opposite. It’s a time to sow your oats, be dating freely, and choose someone wisely.

It’s the precursor to cuffing time, and when done right it means you’re more likely to find a match that lasts beyond the winter, even, brace yourself, well into summer.

Drafting is all the best possible options are put on the table or the mattress as the weather begins to turn.

Drafting is about choosing and having options, rather than feeling a lack.

Top tips for drafting season

  • Be open to people outside of your usual ‘type’.
  • Enjoy getting to know anyone that shares your interests.
  • Keep dating in a fun and non-serious way as you figure out who you like best.
  • Don’t rush to make something exclusive.
  • Don’t feel the need to settle if no one feels right for you during cuffing season.