It’s Spider Season! How do deal with them….

The itsy bitsy spider is looking for love!

It’s spider season, have you noticed that they seem to be everywhere?  There’s a reason for that- sex- That’s right, their eight little legs are feeling a little frisky!  There are a few things you can do to get rid of them…

Chalk/Peppermint oil

Apparently spiders “smell” with their limbs but don’t like the smell or chalk or peppermint…You can try oils along the edge of windows and doors or peppermint oil- even toothpaste is you want…


As the fall approaches, blowing garden and tree sticks can file up… Sweep around doors and window ledges…

Citrus Candles

Spiders don’t like citrus – so those left over Citronella candles can also repel them


The ant killer will also do spiders in

Get to cocking

seal up your home so spiders can find their way in


Again, the smell isn’t appealing to them, squirt vinegar into those corners…

Get a cat

They love to chase spiders

clean up

less clutter means fewer hiding spots.. To tackle the kids play room

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