It’s the Little Things In Life!

It's the little things!

Things That Thrill Us! What are those little things in our daily life that make us smile?  

(When my kid doesn’t fight me to do his homework)

A new poll revealed that finding money in your pocket is the best feeling. The sun shining when you wake up is a second favourite overall!

Elsewhere, some of the nation’s other everyday thrills to make it into the top 10 include snuggling into a bed with fresh sheets (34%), receiving an unexpected gift (33%), and being told ‘I love you’ (25%).

The data revealed that on average, we experience at least three little things every week.

When a “little thing” happens to us, it makes us feel better for around 11 minutes!


1. Unexpectedly finding money in a pocket – 35%

2. The sun shining when you wake up in the morning – 35%

3. Snuggling into bed after putting fresh sheets on it – 34%

4. Receiving a gift that you weren’t expecting – 33%

5. Getting praise for something – 28%

6. Paying your shopping bill using vouchers earned through loyalty points – 27%

7. Seeing that a favourite product is on special offer – 27%

8. Finding a parking space right outside the place you want go in – 27%

9. Someone saying I love you- 25%

10. Being cooked a meal – 25%

11. Getting a free upgrade at a hotel or on a flight – 25%

12. Getting an unexpected bonus/tip – 24%

13. Getting a compliment from a stranger – 24%

14. When a traffic light turns green just as you approach it – 24%

15. Car passing its MOT – 24%

16. Getting to finish work early- 23%

17. Using a loyalty card/app at the till, and then seeing the amount of money it’s saved you – 22%

18. Getting to a store checkout that’s just opened with no queue – 22%

19. Finishing a good book – 21%

20. Realising you have a huge build-up of loyalty points on your card – 21%