People Reveal The Top Pick-me-ups To Get Us Through the Winter Months

Pick-me-ups include putting on fresh bedsheets, eating the last bit of chocolate in the cupboard and dancing in the kitchen

A survey of 2,000 adults revealed the top ways to raise a smile, with simple pleasures topping the list.



A third enjoy having a big clean out, singing loudly to music and looking through old photos.



And 23 percent spend time thinking about what they’d spend a lottery win on while watching a nostalgic childhood film and baking are also popular mood-boosters.



Picking toenails and walking around the house naked also appear on the list. It also emerged 84 percent of adults feel it’s often the smaller things in life that can make them the happiest.



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Other pick-me-ups include bleaching the toilet, popping zits, clicking a pen, dancing around the kitchen and wearing matching underwear…



Some pick-me-ups are a little cheeky and they include: deliberately winding up your partner, farting in the bath and playing pranks on people!