It’s Zucchini Season!

Bigger isn't better in Zucchini world!

It’s zucchini season! They are in season and many of them are being grown in our home gardens. It appears that there is something in the water this year; some of them are growing big! But when it comes to zucchini, did you know that bigger isn’t better?

Fun Facts About Zucchini!

1. One zucchini has just 25 calories (compared to a baked potato, for example, which has 130 calories).

2. The flower of the zucchini plant is also edible and delicious fried in a beer batter…

3. The world’s largest zucchini on record was 69 1/2 inches long and weighed 65 lbs. Bernard Lavery of Plymouth Devon, UK, grew the humongous veggie.

4. According to World’s Healthiest Foods Nutrition info, nutrients and vitamins found in zucchini can help prevent cancer and heart disease.

5. A soap bar called Fresh Zucchini Flower Big Bar Goat’s Milk Soap (rolls off the tongue, no?) is made with real zucchini.

6. The Zucchini Brothers, a band from Saratoga Springs, N.Y., performs songs for young children.

7. A zucchini has more potassium than a banana.

8. The word zucchini comes from ‘zucca’ the Italian word for squash.

9. Biggest is NOT best. The most flavourful zucchinis are small- to medium-sized.

10. The three-day Annual Zucchini Fest in Obetz, Ohio, claims to be “everything zucchini.” The event runs from August 27-30, 2009, and includes a parade, queen’s pageant, contests, arts and crafts, games and much more.

11. Zucchini can replace a man!