Jann Arden Plans To Boycott WestJet After Pierre Poilievre Plane Speech

So Incensative!

Jann says she will not fly WestJet anymore after the airline allowed Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre to make a public address with the in-flight intercom system when on a flight from Quebec City to Calgary earlier this week!

After speaking to party members at the Conservative convention in Quebec, Poilievre was en route back to Calgary when he was handed the plane’s mic. In videos that were shared on social media, Poilievre was seen making a slew of jokes to fellow passengers, which included a mix of Conservatives and regular travellers.


As Poilievre’s impromptu speech went viral, Arden, 61, put the Alberta-based airline on blast. “Hey @WestJet you and I will not be doing business ever again. This is so ridiculously disappointing,” she wrote. “A PA System on a plane is for the flight crew — full stop. Not a political soap box for social media.”

While Arden might not be a fan of Poilievre, many Canadians are shifting to the right.  Arden’s threat hasn’t gotten much traction…

Recent polls show the Liberals have sunken to their lowest levels of support since taking government in 2015, largely to the benefit of the Conservatives.