Jeremy Renner Is Ready To Work Again One Year After Near-Death Accident

He's very lucky to be alive!

It’s been one year since Jeremy Renner was almost killed in a horrific New Year’s Day Accident.

One year later, Renner is ready to head back to work on his Paramount+ series The Mayor of Kingstown…

Along with his return to acting, Renner is also set to release a new album inspired by his harrowing ordeal later this month.  

Renner said he contemplated making music last summer as he recuperated from his ordeal.

“It was wonderfully healing, I think for even the people I wrote it with, who are all my friends … the better I got, the better everybody else got. So the music became also a narrative of that,” he said.

Renner and his family celebrated the New Year in Reno, Nevada.

Renner has regularly updated fans on his progress telling followers on social media in November that the accident taught him that time is short and served as a reminder to cherish every day.