Jimmy Fallon Fooled by Grocery Store No Frills’ Hauler Album

Played the track Banana on his Do Not Play segment

It had to be a clever marketing trick right? Loblaw, the company behind Canada’s low-cost grocery store No Frills, says they had nothing to do with The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon playing their ‘spoof’ album Haulin’ State of Mind.

The album, which was produced as part of the grocery store’s fun Hauler campaign, was available on vinyl but has since sold out. You can still download the album, which was released in September 2020.

Somehow, The Tonight Show team got a hold of this album and, thinking it was made by a real band called No Frills, played the track “Bananas” on Jimmy’s Do Not Listen segment.

Fallon was rightly confused why anyone would be singing about a banana and calling it the portable fruit. “Why is it the portable fruit?!”, he said. He also took issue with the line about using it in your cold-pressed juice saying “You can’t get juice from a banana!”

No Frills responded, tweeting “that cold pressed juice line was a bit extra, but bananas ARE the portable fruit”


This is a perfect moment that marketing departments can only dream about! But, we REALLY want to know how they found the No Frills album. Is there a Canadian on staff who wants to fess up?