Ketchup Bottle Hack Goes Viral!  

While awesome...Something could go terribly wrong!

This video shows the funny way people are getting every last drop: ‘How cool is that?’

TikTok users are swinging condiment bottles 360 degrees to release stuck sauce, prompting physics debate.

Casey Rieger, a highly followed content creator and producer from Los Angeles, is one of the latest to test the “life hack” with a bottle of ketchup.

“OK, I saw someone do this on TikTok and I thought it was genius. So, I’m going to give it a try,” she said at the start of her 24-second video, which was uploaded under her handle, @caseyreiger, on August 30.

Rieger told her followers there’s another way to get the ketchup that’s stuck at the bottom of the bottle to the bottleneck.

She took a step away from her camera and proceeded to spin her left arm in a counterclockwise motion as she held the ketchup bottle from its base.

Rieger swung the bottle seven times before she showed her TikTok followers that the movement pushed the condiment down the bottleneck.

@caseyrieger or could always just buy a new bottle but 🤷‍♀️ #ketchup #heinz #lifehack ♬ original sound – Casey Rieger

While the condiment bottle life hack has been tested and documented by others in recent years, it appears many people didn’t know a swinging motion could push a condiment or sauce up.

This would also work with shampoo too!