KFC Opening Pop-Up Hotel Where Rooms Have A ‘Press For Chicken’ Button

If you’re in London and you love chicken you may want to consider this hotel.

KFC is opening a pop-up hotel where guests can order room service with a “press from chicken” button.


Guests will have 11 nights starting August 18th to try this!


House of Harland, named after founder Col. Harland Sanders. And yes — the promotion at 9a Club Row, an apartment building, is a nod to the number of herbs and spices in the Colonel’s original recipe.


The one-night stay package includes a black Cadillac dubbed the “Colonelmobile” that will pick you up and take you to and from the hotel.

When you arrive a clerk will “chick” you in.   You can also try the “Hot Winger” arcade machine or take in a movie at the private theatre that will be showing chicken-themed movies exclusively.


Rooms are decorated in poultry themes and guests will slip into sheets or use towels with a fried chicken motif, according to a press release about the promotion.


Reservations can be made at hotels.com and rates are about $154 per night. Guests will also be given a $139 food allowance to order KFC!