If You Want A Well-Behaved Kid, Speak To Them In A British Accent

Fake it if you have to!

Most experts would probably tell you the key to making your children better behaved lies in good communication.


However, it might not be just how often you speak to them, but your accent that commands attention.


The Daily Mail reports that a new UK study says in order to get your kids to behave better, or at least grab their attention more, all parents need to do is speak in a British accent.


The survey of 600 families, 300 in the United States and 300 in the United Kingdom, found that 70% of kids from the United States listened harder to the voice of a British woman than any of the other proposed accents, as did 95% of the kids from the UK.


The accents compared were American, Northern English, Scottish, and ‘received pronunciation” (a clear English accent without much regional bias).



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Parents from both countries also agreed that the British accent sounds far more “authoritative” compared to other accents.


For now, parents, drag that “Mary Poppins” DVD out and start practicing.