Kids Today Eat Much Healthier Than We Did As Kids

We want better for our kids!

Almost 70% of parents say they want their kids to eat more plant-based foods.


According to new research, 72% of kids are more open to trying new foods compared to us when we were kids.


85% of parents say they want to provide better snack options for their children than they had.


The push for parents to offer healthy snacks may stem from the simple fact that 76% of adults feel they snacked on way too much junk food as a kid, or the pressures of social media.


The good news is 74% of parents have found success, saying their kids have a much healthier diet than they did.

But, unfortunately, two in five parents simply don’t have the time to provide healthy snacks for their kids.


Sixty-three percent go on to say they wish providing healthy snacks was less time-consuming.


And 57% of parents still struggle to find snacks that are ‘better for them’ AND that they’d want to eat.


Forty-five percent of respondents admit to avoiding giving their children healthy snacks for fear of their kids not enjoying them.


Parents admit that they feed their kids the veggies they hated growing up which include, spinach, green beans, and tomatoes!