Killfie Phenomenon is becoming such a problem!

Already 73 deaths confirmed linked to selfies

Too many people are dying in the name of the most epic selfie…

People dying while taking selfies and it’s become such a common phenomenon that researchers are now working on how to stop it.

Researchers are now trying to develop a kind of ‘selfie warning system’ as an app, including data on where people have injured themselves trying to take a photo.  As well as data added by humans, he is thinking about an algorithm which can analyse photos posed on social media sights.

Some action has already been taken against dangerous selfies.

Mumbai police have identified 16 ‘no selfie’ areas because of the number of people who have died trying to take pictures of themselves there.


Scary Stats of Killfies…

In the first eight months of 2016, there were already 73 deaths confirmed linked to selfies.

That’s already much more than the 39 deaths in the whole of 2015, and 15 in 2014.

Selfie deaths are increasing at an alarming rate, and it seems that common sense is not going to be enough to stop this.

Most selfie deaths are caused by those at extreme heights or involve water depending on what country you’re in….

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Selfie deaths in Russia and America were more likely to be related to weapons, with people posing holding guns for example.

Let’s be honest, a selfie isn’t worth dying for.