KOOL Viral: The Batchelor IS A FRIGGIN MESS.


Man this year’s Bachelor is absolutely THE MESSIEST.

Matt James, the first BIPOC lead for the series in it’s 25 year existence, KNEW it would be bad.

I don’t think he really understood HOW BAD.


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The show is currently wrapped up in a controversy involving the winner, Rachael Kirkconnel.


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This is the “winning” duo of Rachael Kirkconnell and Matt.

It’s been unveiled through old social media posts that Kirkconnell had prior attended a party held by her sorority at the time, which was HEAVILY influenced by racist overtones.

It was a “Plantation” themed ball. Yeah.

She apologized but the damage was done.

Needless to say the PAIR have split post the Bachelor, and even the HOST of the show got canned (Chris was attempting to cover Rachael but yeah, didn’t go well).


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Lesson? Always scrub your social media and cover your butt.