KOOL VIRAL: This Villain Is…An Ally? WE STAN!

*insert witty remark about alphabet mafia growing here*

Marvel have become MASTERS of teasing information for their new shows in the past two decades!

Thankfully due to the planning of Stan Lee in the 1960’s, it’s all coming to fruition now!

Best part about all of this? We get to learn more about our favourite heroes/villains.

One of the most popular?


His series is set to be streaming on Disney+ tomorrow, but YOU KNOW a teaser had to come out:

Loki’s sex is defined as: “Fluid”, meaning that Loki is a gender-fluid human being. For those who aren’t aware what that means, gender fluid means your gender identity or expression is not fixed but shifts on the spectrum between male and female over time or depending on the situation.

Representation is awesome and to have a character like Loki on the 2+LGBTAIQ scale? Just perfect.