Kraft Reveals Mac & Cheese Without the Cheese

But will it taste the same?

Can we even have Mac & Cheese without the cheese? It’s coming…

Kraft announced Wednesday its popular brand will switch out the normal powdered dairy cheese, with new plant-based flavours.

The food giant hopes its new line solves the issue of people trying plant-based mac and cheese, but not coming back for more. 

In its statement, the company claimed three in ten people who bought the plant-based alternative did not repeat their purchase.

Kraft blamed the taste and texture of current offerings and expects its famous brand will leave people wanting seconds.

To replace the cheese flavour of the usual product, Kraft turned to The Not Company. Their Not Mac & Cheese will come in two flavours, the Original orange kind and White Cheddar, and it is expected to hit store shelves late this month or early next year.