Back in May, Kraft announced an update to the packaging for their Kraft Singles, because their #1 complaint was it’s too hard to remove that thin plastic film.  (???)  Let’s check in real quick to see how it’s going.

Kraft just issued a voluntary RECALL of Kraft Singles to prevent people from EATING the plastic wrappers.  They say it’s precautionary after a temporary issue with one of their wrapping machines.

When you remove the wrapper on each slice, a thin strip of plastic can rip off and stick to the cheese.  So you might not realize, toss it on a burger, and the plastic could be a choking hazard.  Especially for kids.

It’s not clear if the new wrappers are the problem or not.  In May, they said they’d be thicker, sturdier, and easier to open, and that they’d be switching to them later this year.  But they didn’t say when or where they’d be rolling them out.

We don’t know if these were the new wrappers or the old version.  But they also said they’d be changing the logo on the outer wrapper.  And the cheese they recalled DOES have that new logo.

They’re recalling nearly 84,000 cases, but only two versions are affected:  Packages with 24 slices that expire between January 10th and the 27th, and packages with 72 slices that expire between January 9th through the 16th.

They also have specific manufacturing codes.  So if you’re worried you’ve been eating plastic, check the recall notice online.  You can go back and exchange them at the store, or get a full refund.