Lack Of Sleep Tied To Less Generosity!

We are selfish when we’re tired!

A new study shows that sleep deprivation and poor sleep quality are associated with a decreased desire to help others.

We know that sleeplessness is bad for our physical and mental health, but a new study has found that is can be bad for our social conscience.

A study from the University of California, Berkeley has found that limited sleep led to less empathy, volunteering and donations.

The study says that as a social species, how we operate depends on how much sleep we are getting.

The research found that if we don’t sleep well, we’re less likely to want to assist others the next day.

Activities impacted could include volunteering, offering to hold the elevator for someone or even helping an injured stranger on the street.

The study also confirmed that when daylight savings kicks in and we lose an hour of sleep, we are less likely to donate to charities…

The findings underscore the importance of sleep hygiene in the maintenance of helping or prosocial behaviours in addition to physical and mental health.