How to Wake Yourself Up When You’re Feeling Tired

But I'm so tired!

You can do lots of things to ensure you sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed, from sticking to a sleeping routine, exercising more, and avoiding alcohol.


Easier said than done, right?  Most of us find ourselves dragging our feet in the morning, especially on a Monday.  So while we wait for a good night’s sleep, how can we wake ourselves up in the morning when we feel super tired?

 From incorporating meditation into your morning routine, to force yourself to have a brisk shower, here’s some advice for waking up.


These drinks contain caffeine, which is a stimulant that can make people who consume them feel alert and awake for around six hours afterwards.


Incorporating meditation into your morning routine can help you wake up gently and easily, as well as allow you the time to be calm before starting your day.


Exposure to light
Light exposure can impact your sleep habits – it’s why we’re told to switch off digital devices before bed. Light exposure can help wake you up.  Try eating breakfast outside or by a window!


Exercise is great for generally boosting and making you feel more awake.  By exercising in the morning, you may feel more energized throughout the day!


Cold Shower
While it may not be something to look forward to first thing in the morning, taking a cold shower in the morning can help you wake up. The shock of the cold water will wake you up by increasing your heart rate and oxygen intake, as well as your alertness.


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Putting the radio on is likely a part of your morning routine – but did you know certain songs can help wake you up more than others?


In 2015, Spotify partnered with psychology Ph.D. candidate David M. Greenberg to create a playlist to wake up to. Together, they found that the best music to wake up to is music that ‘builds’, and has a strong beat and positive lyrics.


Songs on the playlist include Coldplay’s Viva La Vida, Hailee Steinfeld’s Love Myself, and Katrina & The Waves Walking on Sunshine.