Lake Simcoe Is The Best Spot For Skinny Dipping In Canada!

Maybe wait until July!

Residents who live near the lake are very accepting of those who want to swim in the nude! Skinny dipping is one of the great joys of summer in cottage country!

MyDatingAdviser recently conducted an online study to determine where the world’s best spots to skinny dip were and Canada has six locations on the list.

To figure this out, the website compared 100 nude beaches across the world taking into consideration many factors including pollution, Blue Flag status, weather, air temperature, water temperature, safety, and hotel costs.

And topping the list was Lake Simcoe!  Other locations in Canada that made the list are  Hanlan’s Point Beach on Toronto Island, the Bruce Peninsula Grotto near Tobermory, Sauble Beach on Lake Huron, Rock Point Provincial Park on Lake Erie, and Wreck Beach in Vancouver, B.C.

Lake Simcoe is one of the most popular vacation spots in Ontario come summertime! 

Lake Simcoe has 287 square miles of water surface and 118 miles of shoreline, that’s a lot of space to bare all!

The publication did acknowledge that not all locations on its list are legal.  So dip at your own risk.