Life’s Common Mishaps!

Who hasn’t sent a text to the wrong person?

Confusing a stranger for an acquaintance, shrinking clothes in the laundry or attempting to unlock a car that wasn’t yours are just a few of life’s little errors that are somewhat embarrassing.

Other common errors include preparing a meal for work only to leave it at home and forgetting to cancel unused subscriptions. Sadly, 16 percent of respondents admitted they have forgotten about planned events and failed to show up, while 11 percent have dropped a book while reading in the bathtub.

The study, conducted by OnePoll, also found that the average adult encounters 84 mishaps a year, amounting to more than one embarrassing error per week. Additionally, 31 percent confessed to repeating the same mistake more than once…

The most common places where these errors occur include the home and workplace, the supermarket, the pub, and while on holiday.

87 percent acknowledged that mistakes and mishaps are simply an unavoidable part of life.

Here are more of life’s little misfortunes!

Top Mishaps People Endure in Modern Society:

  1. Sent a text to the wrong person
  2. Mistook a stranger for someone you knew and greeted them
  3. Got on the wrong train or bus
  4. Washed clothes and accidentally shrunk them
  5. Washed clothes and accidentally turned them a different colour
  6. Forgot about a meal that you were cooking and it spoiled
  7. Prepped a meal for work but forgot to take it in
  8. Put a laundry load on for a wash and forgot to add detergent
  9. Had your phone go off when it should have been on silent
  10. 10. Tried to unlock your car before realizing it was someone else’s vehicle
  11. 11. Forgot to cancel subscriptions you never use
  12. 12. Forgot about plans and didn’t show up to an event
  13. 13. Bought a piece of furniture for the house but didn’t check the dimensions and it was a lot smaller or larger than you thought
  14. 14. Accidentally sat on the TV remote control and missed a key moment on live TV
  15. 15. Let an insurance policy automatically renew without realizing
  16. 16. Forgot to connect your headphones, so everyone could hear your music
  17. 17. Put the wrong destination in the car’s satellite navigation
  18. 18. Bought the wrong ingredients for a meal and had to make something else for dinner
  19. 19. Dropped your book in the bath while reading
  20. 20. Ordered the wrong thing in a restaurant by accident