The Most Common Christmas Mishaps!

Some include forgetting to turn on the oven, Bringing up politics at the table and losing someone’s present!

It’s the holidays and without a doubt, something will go wrong!



A study of 2,000 adults found nearly three-quarters have had a Christmas blunder, with knocking over the Christmas tree, getting too tipsy and being caught cheating at Scrabble making the list. Or how about talking about your mother-in-law and she’s in earshot when you did?




In fact, the survey found that Christmas mishaps are so common, one in three believe getting through the festive period without at least one blunder would be a true Christmas miracle.




Almost 65% of people confess to feeling confident that something will do wrong.  The thing is, we’ll never see it as most will only post the happy moments on social.



But six in 10 would rather have a ‘real and authentic’ festive experience than get too caught up trying to make everything perfect.



Other Christmas mishaps include leaving the price tag on gifts, and running out of wrapping paper!



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More than half (53 percent) of respondents polled via OnePoll would go as far as to admit they feel relieved when the season of goodwill is finally over.




1.           Leaving prices on gifts

2.           Running out of wrapping paper

3.           Forgotten to send cards before the cut off postal dates

4.           Not getting someone something who made an effort to get you something

5.           Getting drunk on Christmas Eve and being hungover in bed

6.           Christmas tree fell over/ was knocked over

7.           Getting tipsy on the day in front of relatives

8.           Sending a present in the post and it not arriving

9.           Forgot to put on your ‘happy and surprised’ face when opening a gift you didn’t like

10.         Forgotten a key element of the Christmas dinner