Lipscanner App That Finds Your Dream Lip Colour!


Companies have been forced to get a little creative since the start of this pandemic.  Days of testing samples at the mall may be over for good with people now fearful of germs.


Trying to find lipstick without trying it on is tough. Companies are working to make that easier and increasingly interactive. 


MAC Cosmetics recently added more products to their online testing tool, which allows you to see how cult products will look on your face in real-time. 


L’Oreal has unveiled a new lip device that will make 5,000 different lip shades using sophisticated AI technology, which they plan to expand in 2022 to cover other categories of makeup, such as foundation.


Now Chanel has launched a free app for Apple devices called Lipscanner, which allows you to find which of their existing lip shades is best for you.


There are other apps that work the same, but as time goes on the technology is only going to get smarter and offer more personalized user experiences.