You Have ‘Cool’ Taste In Music If You Listen To These Artists!

The Beatles, Queen and Ed Sheeran, According to a UK Study!

You know how it goes.  You’re in your car alone, music cranked.  Then you pull up to a stoplight and turn it down in fear of judgement from the car in the lane next to you.  We all think we have ‘cool’ taste in music, but do we?


According to a new poll, you’re not ‘cool’ if you listen to Kanye.  (This is a UK study). The Brits are totally into The Beatles, Ed Sheeran and Queen (just like us).



Adele – whose new album is riding high on the charts, also made the top 10 coolest artists list, along with Elton John and the Rolling Stones.



The study also found that one in three adults think their music taste is ‘cool.’



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Almost 30% of people say they want others to think they listen to cool music, while seven in ten admit there is a place for cheesy, uncool music.




1.            Queen

2.            The Beatles

3.            Ed Sheeran

4.            Abba

5.            Adele

6.            Rolling Stones

7.            Elton John

8.            Jimi Hendrix

9.            Coldplay

10.          Led Zeppelin

And how about honourable mentions for the Canadian artists who made the top 35 including Bryan Adams who placed No. 14 on the list and The Weeknd played 24th!