Little Things That Annoy Everyone!

Turns out, we all hate the same stuff!

A Redditor asked a simple question: “What makes you irrationally angry?”

Here are just a few things!

When the motion sensor on a paper towel dispenser doesn’t work

When people speed up when you indicate a lane change

People who BS an answer instead of admitting they don’t know something

Stopping at the bottom of an escalator to look around and figure out where to go next!

Your alarm clock when it’s time to get up for work

Printers!  If I plug you in, you should work! WHY DON’T YOU JUST WORK?

People who don’t pick up their dog’s poop!

Social media prints that are just people wasting food!

Coworkers who always sing, hum or whistle!

Not using your indicator when changing lanes…

Loud car exhausts

People who don’t put back their shopping carts!

Catching my clothes on every handle in existence…

And F-ing everything at this point!