Lizzo Remakes Her Most VIRAL Music Video, Sort Of

Lizzo decided to bring it back to 2019 for her latest single, and it's giving "Truth Hurts" meets self love!

Lizzo has been crushing it this year and she figures, why not throw it back to 2019?

That’s the year her legendary track “Truth Hurts” blew up and went viral on TikTok and later appeared in a Netflix movie, Someone Great.

With the release of her album Special on July 15th, Lizzo decided to go back to her OG viral video… kind of.

She teased videos of her in a wedding dress, leading fans to frenzy! IS SHE MARRIED? WHO IS SHE MARRIED TO?

The answer? Is herself!

In her new music video for 2 Be Loved (Am I Ready), she decided to show that loving yourself is a journey and it isn’t a straight line.

Check out the brand new video below: