Lizzo Plays A 200-Year-Old Flute!?!

Lizzo is having a "Special" year, and that includes literally being able to play a historical flute! Wild to even think about.

Lizzo has been crushing it this year, and she decided at a recent stop of her “Special” tour to… well play with history!

While at her stop in Washington D.C, she was handed the prized crystal covered flute of a founding father! She was allowed to play a few notes before it was taken back!

She celebrated on Twitter:

She became the “first and only” person to play the 200-year-old flute that was once owned by the fourth U.S President, James Madison.

This moment comes days after Lizzo was invited by the Library of Congress to have her stop by “the biggest flute collection in the world” on Twitter:

It’s a pretty wild moment that’s come from only STOP THREE of her North American headlining “Special” Tour.