Lockdown May Have Altered Our Brains

Remember when you were young and you’d say to your mother, “I’m bored.” And she’d say, “Find something to do.”

‘Finding things to do’-whether baking, or going for long walks, just to stay occupied was all we knew for while when the pandemic hit a year ago.


Rather than just being a dull time, though, this could have a long-term impact on the way our brains function. 


‘Boredom is a type of stress, especially with people with underlying conditions, like anxiety, like ADHD, depression.  Those people, in particular, are under huge stress from boredom,’ says one psychiatrist Dr. Helmy.


When we’re stressed out, our brains produce cortisol which has been linked to numerous health issues, including rapid weight gain and mood swings.


Studies have also proven that extreme boredom, is linked to mental health. Many of these studies have been done among those in solitary prison.