Lotto Max Will Be Twice a Week w/ a New Jackpot Increase $$$

Odds of winning are changing too...

Big changes starting May 11th as Lotto Max is expanding.

  • Lotto Max will be offering draws every Friday AND TUESDAY starting in May
  • Offering TWO chances to play weekly
  • The maximum jackpot will also increase; from $60 Million to $70 Million!!
  • MaxMillions will continue to be added once the jackpot reaches $50 Million
  • Lotto Max will be adding an extra number to choose from
  • 7 numbers will be drawn, starting May 11th, ranging from 1-50

As a result of the added number, the odds of winning a jackpot jumps from 1 in 28 million to 1 in 33 million.

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