The Lower-Back Tattoo Is Making A Comeback!

The Return of the Tramp Stamp!

In 2003 my friend and I were in Niagara Falls and decided to get tattoos!  I got mine on my butt cheek (don’t ask) and she got one on her lower back!



Into the millennium just before Y2k, the trend was low-rise jeans, tiny handbags, baby tees, butterfly clips, acrylic nails and embellished belt chuckles.  It was a time to be clashy and trashy, fun, flirty and free!

Fun Fact: Back in the late 1980s and 1990s, an LA artist coined the lower back tattoo “The Chick Spot” and described it as “a tremendously sexy and really flattering way to be tattooed.”



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In 2009, to celebrate her 50th birthday, Barbie was given a tramp stamp as part of Mattel’s “Totally Tattoos” range.  As you can imagine, people were not impressed.

Women were body-shamed for this lower-back art for years.  But now, women are feeling more liberated against the past sexist era and are embracing their rights to tat the lower back once again!  while the “tramp stamp” has always been associated with the lower back tattoo, perhaps a new name is needed?



New Names To Embrace The Lower back tattoo!


Back Dimple art
Upper butt tat
erotic trademark
Vanity belt
tailbone tattoo
License plate