Man Arrested For Break-In Attempt at Taylor Swift’s New York Home!

It happens all the time in Taylor's World!

This time, there was another break-in attempt by a man near Taylor Swift’s Tribeca home.

According to police, a man was arrested on Saturday for a failed break-in attempt in the afternoon. Although it’s unclear if it was Taylor’s home the man tried to get into.

The Tribeca townhouse has been the scene of several other break-ins and attempts when Swift wasn’t there, including some by alleged stalkers.

According to the Toronto Sun, in 2022, a man was charged with trespassing and stalking after authorities said he entered two Tribeca residences linked to Swift. Also that year, a man was arrested for crashing a car into the townhouse and reportedly told police he wouldn’t leave until he met with Swift.

In 2018, another man broke into her townhouse and took a nap, police said. The same man was charged a year later with another break-in at the building after serving a jail sentence.

Police say alleged stalkers have also been arrested at some of her other homes, including ones in Beverly Hills, California, and Watch Hill, Rhode Island.