Man Builds Separate House For All His Happy Meal Toys

The man holds the record for the “largest collection of fast food restaurant toys”

One of my favourite memories is going to McDonald’s with my dad in the ’80s to get a happy meal because they included really cool toys. Over the years I recall getting Muppet Baby, Fraggle Rock, Barbie, and more.

While kids may see the toys as irreplaceable at first, as they get older they start to see the true value of these tchotchkes.

However, one man never gave up his passion for the prizes that come with a kid’s meal, and now he has built a house to fill his collection of 20,000 toys.

Percival R. Lugue has held the Guinness World Record for the “largest collection of fast food restaurant toys” since 2014.


At the time, his collection had over 10,000 pieces, but since then has grown to double that size. Now, Lugue has gone viral once again, this time for building a second home to house his fast-food toys collection.


According to AV Club, he refers to his second home as the “happy meal house” as he continues to add to his collection. Hopefully, his family doesn’t mind all the fast food to keep up with his passion.