Many Couples Too Comfortable With Each Other Since Lockdown Started

New research looks into couple’s toilet taboos

The average couple will have six conversations, each, while one of them is on the toilet.


64% of respondents reported that moving in with their partner broke down many of the “bathroom boundaries.”


70% say they have a bath in front of their partner (with bubbles?)

30% say they will pee in front of their partner

25% say they will poop in front of them


On the issue of “toilet talk,” for instance, thirty-one percent clarified that while they are comfortable talking on the toilet, their partner is not.


Couples have also had arguments about what you can flush! Q-tips (14%), wet wipes (14%), intimate wipes (13%), condoms (13%), and dental floss (12%) were amongst the most divisive items in the flush-or-not-to-flush debate.



  1. Taking a bath 70%
  2. Washing face 68%
  3. Showering 68%
  4. Peeing 30%
  5. Flossing 29%
  6. Brushing teeth 28%
  7. Pooping 25%
  8. Changing a tampon 18%
  9. Changing a pad 15%
  10. Wiping your butt 3%