March Break Stay-cation

5 Free March Break Activities!

March Break is just around the corner and if your like me you wont be heading off to some tropical destination filled with fruity drinks, sunshine and all you can eat buffets… So before everyone in your house gets so bored things like this start to happen…


Here’s 5 things to keep you and your kids busy this March Break that wont cost you a dime.

1. Make a Time Capsule.

Find a small box and then walk around your house picking out things that make a good snapshot of your current day to day life. Have fun with it. Throw in things like a newspaper, a grocery receipt, and pictures of your family. Write a letter to your future self and then seal the box securely with tape.  Write the date you want to open it on the outside; say 10 or 20 years from now. Then set it aside. It’s a fun thing to do now, but when you open it down the road it’s a real blast!

2. Do a neighborhood Cleanup

This is not only great if you’re looking for something to do, but it’s also great for your neighborhood’s ecosystem. All you need is some gloves and a garbage bag… Check your garage, you probably already have those things kicking around.

3. Visit The Barrie’s Farmers Market 

Get an early start on Saturday morning and head to the Barrie Farmer’s Market. It’s open every Saturday 8 am till noon year round, rain or shine, at Barrie’s City Hall. If you haven’t been, it’s definitely worth checking out. While when you buy something you’re supporting some pretty awesome local businesses and farms, spending money isn’t necessary to make this an interesting outing.

4. Explore the Base Borden Military Museum 

You don’t have to be a war buff to enjoy the history on display at the Base Borden Military Museum.  It’s one of Canada’s largest military museums and it’s practically in our backyard. Oh yea, and visiting is free.

5. Take a nap. 

I’m not kidding. So many of us are sleep deprived from our busy lives that while you have the week off slice out a little time to just close your eyes, relax, and catch up on some of that lost sleep. It’s also a perfect opportunity to do some day-dreaming about the vacation you wish you were on.

For more great ideas that will have your kids doing a happy dance instead of the “I’m bored” routine check out Tourism Barrie or Tourism Simcoe County.