How dating is looking for 2024! dropped its annual “Singles in America” study that looked at the state of dating in 2024.  It’s the 13th year they’ve done it.

The stat everyone’s talking about this time is 31% of singles have explored “Consensual Non-Monogamy.”  A.k.a., you get to sleep around.  Only 49% said a traditional, two-person relationship is their ideal scenario right now.

That said, 79% of singles, and 83% of Gen Z’ers, think they can still have a lifelong marriage.  So the institution isn’t totally dead.  Here are the four most common types of non-monogamous relationships .

1.  Monogamish:  Not totally open, but you sometimes get it on with other people.

2.  Polyamory:  Where your relationship involves three people or more.

3.  Open relationships:  A committed primary relationship that openly allows romantic and/or sexual activity with others.

4.  Swinging:  You both go out and look for other sexual partners together.

Here are a few more quick stats on what dating is like in 2024 . . .

1.  Not everyone wants sex.  21% of singles said they don’t want a sexual relationship right now.

2.  One in seven online daters are using A.I.  43% of them have used it to write their dating profile, and 37% have used it to write their first text to someone.  Help coming up with conversation topics on dates is also near the top of their wish list.

3.  For a second year in a row, money was voted the top obstacle for dating.  And 73% of singles say being financially stable is a top quality they look for.

4.  64% are looking for someone who wants to get married.  Only 57% want a partner who wants kids.

5.  The top cornerstones of a good relationship, according to singles, are:  Trust, good communication, and mutual respect.  The top red flags are poor communication, a lack of trust, and cheating is third.

6.  The top people we turn to for dating advice are friends, family, therapists, and influencers.  23% of Gen Z’ers and 19% of Millennials get dating advice from folks on TikTok and Instagram.  So do around 10% of Gen X’ers and Boomers.

7.  One in 10 singles have also asked an EX for dating advice.