Mattel Is Re-Launching “Barney” as An Animated Series Next Year!

Mattel is re-launching "Barney" as an ANIMATED series in 2024. There's also a possibility of MOVIES and YouTube content.

Barney is back and he still loves you!

Barney, the friendly purple dinosaur is making a triumphant return to TVs and toy shelves next year. Thanks to the switch from live-action to animation, he’s now also got great big eyes. Maybe he will be less cringy this time around!

Photo Credit: Mattel

The “Barney & Friends” show, featuring the titular violet-hued T-Rex, aired on PBS in the United States from 1992 until 2010. The show also lived on for years in syndication and on DVDs…

Mattel also announced that the new franchise will include TV, film and Alphabet (GOOGL)-owned YouTube content as well as music and a vast array of merchandising, including toys (of course), clothing and books.

So for anyone who grew up on the original Barney show and actually would admit to enjoying him and friends like BJ the yellow protoceratops and Baby Bop the green triceratops, Mattel is hoping they’ll want to buy old school Barney toys and swag.