Matthew Perry And Courteney Cox Are Related According To Genealogists


Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox may have had a beautiful romance on “Friends,” but in real life, they’re actually distant cousins.


Perry and Cox are 11th cousins based on info from the website MyHeritage and its ancestry experts. The revelation may come as a shock to fans who watched them lip-lock on the show for years.

Perry and Cox share distant relatives William Osbern Haskell III and his wife Ellen Haskell – the couple lived in England around 500 years ago, according to CNN.


One son of the couple, Roger, is directly related to Cox while another son, William, has a link to Perry.

MyHeritage uses a multitude of resources including billions of historical records to come to their conclusions about people’s ancestry. As it turns out, both actors are also distantly linked to Lady Gaga.