McDonald’s Is Officially Bringing Back The Boo Buckets!

Celebrating 35 years of McDonald’s Halloween Buckets!

McDonald’s Canada is bringing back the nostalgic Boo Buckets!

They won’t be around long, however!  The Happy Meal red box will be replaced by the plastic boo bucket from October 28th to 30th at participating restaurants in Canada!

But, if you are in the mood to try and snag one of these before then, be sure to watch the McDonald’s Canada social channels for a chance to beat the crowds and lock one down.

And if you are too old (because you’re now an adult) for trick or treating, McDonald’s is offering up some ideas of how best to use the Boo Buckets!


The pails were first introduced in 1986 and became a fan favourite for Happy Meals, often doubling as a container to put candy in from trick-or-treating. The three pails available – the white McBoo, orange McPunk’n and green McGoblin – are a nod to the original containers that debuted over 35 years ago.