Meet Bruce, Ottawa Public Health’s Intern

He looks a little familiar

Ryan Reynolds has a new gig. In fact, he says he’s had it for a while. He’s Ottawa Public Health’s intern, Bruce. Check out the video posted to the Ottawa Public Health (OPH) Twitter account below:


“Bruce” is kind of famous for his posts on Ottawa Public Health’s social media, like the time he “forgot” to add the name of the winning team in a Superbowl tweet:



Wait, What?

What’s really going on here?

Ok. Ryan is not really Bruce.

Bruce doesn’t exist. Ottawa Health even said so on the thread they posted to the viral Superbowl tweet. They used the tweet to talk about thinking critically about what you see online and about misinformation. They wrote ‘Btw, we’re so touched by the outpouring of support for dear Bruce (who doesn’t exist, btw). It’s nice to see such kindness out there. Be critical of what you see online. Misinformation has consequences that go far beyond the wellbeing of “Bruce”.


So, Ryan Reynolds is NOT Bruce, but he’s a big fan of Ottawa Public Health’s social media. According to CBC, Ryan Reynolds has been following OPH since before the pandemic but reached out last week to let compliment their work. OPH pitched him the idea for the video and he was happy to do it. Read MORE HERE.

The actual guy behind OPH’s online presence is named Kevin Parent. Read about him in Macleans.

Here’s a post from Facebook where OPH talks about excrement and how it helps them predict COVID cases:



We’ve seen a few “but there’s only X…

Posted by Ottawa Public Health on Friday, March 5, 2021