Meghan McCain Is Leaving “The View”

We're going to miss her epic battles with Joy!

MEGHAN MCCAIN announced yesterday that she’s leaving “The View” because she wants to stay in D.C. with her family and her new baby daughter.


She called the show, “hands down one of the greatest, most wonderful privileges of my life.”


Meghan has always been an outspoken conservative who has never been afraid to speak her mind and clash with co-hosts, says after four years she’s done.


The show which was created more than two decades ago by Barbara Walters has done well in the ratings as the hosts hash out the day’s news with their “hot tops” segment.


Like many other shows during the pandemic, the ladies have been remotely broadcasting and Meghan says she doesn’t want to commute to New York again and leave Washington. 


ABC News said in a statement that it respected and understood her decision, and thanked McCain for her “fierce determination and vast political knowledge and experience.”