Meghan Trainor And Her Husband Have Side-By-Side Toilets


We’re thrilled that Meghan Trainor and her husband Daryl Sabara are super close, but is it possible to be too close?



Meghan was a guest on a podcast called Why Won’t You Date Me? And dropped the bomb that she and hubby are bathroom buddies.



According to Meghan, they had adjacent toilets installed, so they can go to the bathroom at the same time.

Meghan explains her reasoning for the two toilets, adding that they often have to pee in the middle of the night at the same time when they are up with the baby! 



I’m sure for what it’s worth, there are multiple washrooms in the home, but whatever works, right? 



Just in case you were wondering, she detailed that they “pee at the same time a lot,” and added they’ve “only pooped together twice.”