Meghan Trainor Says She’s So Sorry For Her Remarks About Teachers

Words matter!

Meghan Trainor has apologized for her “careless” remarks about teachers, saying she was “fired up” over the recent school shootings in the United States.

The Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter provoked controversy last week when she exclaimed “F**k teachers!” during a discussion about parenthood on her podcast, “Workin’ On It,” which she co-hosts with her brother, Ryan Trainor.

“We’re homeschooling our kids. Everyone on TikTok is like, ‘This is what it’s like having kids in America. I have a bulletproof backpack.’ I was like, ‘F**k all that,’” she said during the episode.

Meghan Trainer was quick to be called out by teachers calling her remarks “mean” and “out of touch.”

Trainor, who is expecting her second child, went on to say that both she and her husband, actor Daryl Sabara, were previously bullied by teachers and that experience played into her comment.

Trainor signed off by saying she would remind herself that “my words definitely could have a consequence, and I will be more careful.”