Men’s Speedo Making A Fashion Comeback!

I can't not look!

Beachgoers beware, this controversial piece of swimwear is back in style!

After decades of banishment from mainstream wardrobes, one of fashion’s most divisive garments — the men’s swimming brief — is making a tentative return across the globe.

Some would argue the garment has never gone away. Beaches and pools in Europe (in France in particular) have long been a safe space for fans of the Speedo style. 

They have always been acceptable for swimmers, water polo players and divers, and widely embraced by the gay community.

But could budgie smugglers (as the swimming brief is known in much of the UK and Australia), be back in favour with board short-loving men too?

Speedo — the original maker of skimpy swimwear — argues yes, reporting that in 2023, sales and orders across Europe, the Middle East and Africa are up by over 200% compared with 2022. 

Meanwhile, in the US, the brand reports a 54% sales increase from 2020 to 2021 and is expected to exceed this for 2023.